Aerial Topographic Surveys

As parcels increase in size, it becomes more practical and economical to perform aerial topographic surveying rather than traditional topographic ground surveying. The procedure begins with the placement of "targets" on the property. Once aerial photos are taken, we use photogrammetry equipment to create accurate topographic maps showing contours, foliage limits, and visible improvements. If very great detail is required (the location of an individual tree, etc.), these surveys can be combined with additional ground surveys. Aerial topographic mapping is ideal for projects such as: land divisions, general land use plans for large parcels, drainage plans and preliminary street/utility routing studies.

Commercial Grading, Sewer, Water and Street Improvement Plans

Feiro offers a full range of design and drafting services to commercial and industrial clients. Grading and drainage plans, hydrology studies, water and sewer plans, and street improvement plans are among the services we provide for commercial sites, large and small.

Property Surveys

In addition to providing property boundary surveys on large parcels of land for subdivisions (and agriculture), we also provide surveys for individual lot owners desiring to build a fence or wall.

Residential Subdivision Design

Residential Subdivision Design involves developing large parcels of land for residential use by dividing them into smaller parcels. Feiro Engineering, Inc. provides all of the services required for the design and development of residential subdivisions, including lot layout, road, sewer and water system design and the coordination of off-site utilities. Benefit from our experience on these projects, including: conceptual layout and tentative tract designs, road and street design, sanitary sewer and water main design and permits, storm sewer and storm water detention design.

Single-Family Grading Plans

Feiro Engineering provides grading and drainage designs for single-family residences. In this area of land development we provide more than 25 years of extensive expert advice; this is a realm of engineering in which we excel. We pride ourselves on being able to assist new homeowners in realizing their vision and guiding them through the permit process. We have supplied many designs for homes that exceed 10,000 sq. ft. and we have a consistent production of designs for individual manufactured homes. There is truly no residence too large or too small for our expertise.